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ColorProfiler CMS consists of:

ColorPRINT RIP Software

ColorProfiler Module

Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer


ColorProfiler Color Management System is specially designed for building Color Management System of ink-jet printer. It can establish standard ICC profiles based on CMYK, CMYKLcLm, CMYKOrGr color mode for Film、Vinyl、Photo Paper、Textile. It also supports variable dot technology according to the different characteristic of big, medium, small size dot and the different application.

Utilizing the data obtained from Eye-One Pro, ColorProfiler Module precisely calculates to generate high-quality ICC Profiles, ColorPRINT RIP software seamlessly link ICC Profiles and use advanced process methods to integrated these three parts, finally ensure you can obtain the vivid color. 

ColorProfiler CMS enable you easy to color communication, get accurate color reproduction, avoid wasting, boost productivity!

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