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ColorPRINT Server 2.0, best choice for large-scaled producers, can drive four printers at the same time. It supports DCS separation files, simulates dot gain, creates ICC profiles with international standards, has professional color management that is applicable to digital proofing,and optimized workflow to enhance print efficiency.

It is suitable for large-scaled output centers, wedding photo centers, photo studios, design centers, publication companies, printing houses, etc.

In addition to all the functions and advantages of ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0 and ColorPRINT PS 2.0, it adds functions for digital proofing.

Higher Efficiency
Easier Tiling with Tiles Map
Do you always find it difficult to start with printed tiles of an oversized image? Does it take some time for you to reorganize the tiles like doing puzzles? ColorPRINT Server 2.0 solves the problems for you with a tiling map, which is created automatically and can be printed. It intuitively directs you to put the tiles back together into a complete image. 

Preset Conditions for Nest and Optimize Management

Besides nesting small images and tiles, ColorPRINT Server 2.0 can nest jobs automatically when preset conditions like time, media and job number are met.

Application in Digital Proofing

Digital Proofing is being accepted by more people for its advantages: low cost, automation, high leveled webification, good reproduction quality of colors, good stability and replicability of samples, fast speed, no need for professional personnel, etc. ColorPRINT Server 2.0 is the digital proofing software with the most advanced color management technology and best image output workflow. It has competitive and practical characteristics like accurate color, fast running speed, and concise interface for easy operation. And it is widely applied in print Industry to check the image quality before printing, simulate printing color and provide reference for the follow-up printing. In order to make sure digital samples can exactly reproduce the color of presswork, ColorPRINT Server 2.0 adopts ICC color management workflow that meets international standards, and applies linearization calibration to output equipments, which ensures the stability of printers and raise the efficiency of their daily maintenance.

Support Separation Job of DCS 2.0

DCS, which can save separation files of CMYK and multi-channel images, is one version of standard EPS. DCS 2.0 format saves CMYK and spot color channel into several files or a single file, which saves disc space. It can also contain a gray or multicolor compound file.

Multiple Printing Modes to Enhance Production Efficiency

Different types of photos always have different printing properties, including media type, media size, ink type, resolution, printing environment, etc. Users can preset and save the commonly used setup properties, and define them with suitable and memorable names. When outputting jobs with the same printing properties, users can directly adopt the preset Setup Properties. Without making any change for the setup, operation is simplified from adding job to printing, and production efficiency is enhanced accordingly.

Support Spot Color Libraries Defined with CMYK,CMYKOrGr,Lab Values
Designers tent to define identification colors, like colors of packages and signs, as spot color in design software and set special channel for them. In order to make sure colors are consistent for each print, these identification colors are printed with special and designated ink. However, inkjet printers usually simulate them with process colors. It is a great challenge for digital proofing software to reproduce the spot colors.

ColorPRINT Server 2.0 supports spot color libraries defined in CMYK and CMYKOrGr modes to reproduce accurate spot colors. Considering different types of ink and media, you may print a color list and select the name or serial number of the correct color, then assign it to the output profile. But you can easily acquire the spot color without printing the list if its Lab value, which is irrelevant with printers, is available. 

ICC Color Management Workflow Meeting International Standard

There are four dithering types and four rendering intents. If media is whiter than the background color, customers of digital proofing should select absolute colorimetric. And black fonts can be printed with black ink only.

Reset Linearization, Simplify Daily Maintenance and Keep Color Stability

In order to solve the problem of color inaccuracy caused by physical property variation of printheads, ColorPRINT creates a test chart according to printer characteristics. Customers input measured data into the original ICC profile to create a new profile that is suitable for printer status right now. Measured data can be saved for future check. And the simple operation procedure is suitable for operators without much color management experience and for their daily maintenance.

Angle Screen Properties Meet the Requirements of Digital Proof

Users are able to define screen frequency, angles and dot shapes for each color channel.

Print Separation Films

When processing CMYK images, films for each color channel are printed.


Print Color Control Bar
Print a color bar beside jobs as a reference of color effect. You can select a color bar file to print.

Application in Printing and Dyeing Industry

Digital Jet Printing System is the procedure that inputs digital images from digital equipments, like scanner and digital camera, and internet into computer, process with computer color separation system (CAD), and directly jet professional dyes on all kinds of textiles or other media with print system driven by special software to get target printing products. 

Compared to traditional printing techniques, digital printing technology gets rid of the switches between values and analogue variables of separation drawing, production and screen. What’s more, digital printing has the advantages of short production cycle, quick reaction, high flexibility, good fineness, outstanding character, pollution free, and so on. 

Digital jet printing system satisfies the industrial requirements of limited quantities, tight schedule for shipment and great variety. It is becoming popular throughout the whole world, especially when it is applicable for proofing in printing houses, printing order of short period, like the design and printing of fashions and costumes, all kinds of individualized tour souvenir and artworks, individualized interior decoration and home textile, and other special textiles. 

At present, there are two ways to implement digital printing that are direct jet printing and thermo-transfer print. Direct jet printing means to print on textiles directly, while thermo-transfer print is to print patterns on specialized transfer-paper and transfer the patterns onto textiles with a thermal dye sublimation printer. 

ColorPRINT Server 2.0 owns the special functions that satisfy requirements of print techniques and to perfectly represent colors. It inosculates well with your digital print system.

Supports Current Digital Printers

ColorPRINT Server 2.0 supports currently popular digital printers, like MIMAKI TX-1600S,TX2-1600S and Mutoh 8000, 8100 and 6100 series.

Simple and Convenient User Interface

Customized printing queue enables you to arrange jobs according to job names, status, setup property names, job size, file format, job sender or job creation time; job queue preview intuitively display jobs’ contents and their print order; single job preview window and information window clearly show you the selected and its properties; and quick tool bar provides you with some commonly used commands.

Print a Job in Three Steps: Add job → “Direct Print” → Print

When adding a job, select the job you want to print and choose the setup (groups of properties) you wish to apply, and press the button “Direct Print”. Check all the properties in the popped up dialogue “Job Properties”, and press “Print” in the downside of the dialogue. The print assignment is completed with the shortest time and least steps.

Special Color Ink

In a print textile, there are always one or two common colors, for which ColorPRINT Server 2.0 designed the function of Special Ink so as to get the accurate color. With Special Color Ink being set, you can output the exact color you want; no matter it is a Bitmap file or a vector file.

Automatic Replication and Arrangement
For layout with replication patterns, users only need to design one element and achieve precise matching pattern by selecting different ways of arrangement in ColorPRINT Server 2.0, which also provides the function of instant preview that can be zoomed in or out randomly to find out details.
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