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Customers purchasing original ColorPRINT software not only receive good after-sale services, but also professional technical support, training and more product information. In order to protect users’ right, here we’d like to present you methods to tell the differences between the original and pirate ColorPRINT software.

 Methods to Identify Pirated ColorPRINT

Please read the following methods to distinguish original ColorPRINT from fake ones.

Method 1: Buy ColorPRINT from inkjet printer manufacturers, inkjet printer dealers or authorized software dealers that have good reputation.

Please buy ColorPRINT from inkjet printer manufacturers, inkjet printer dealers or authorized software dealers with good reputation so as to protect your legal rights.

You can also send email to checkkeych@amica.com.cn to check dealer's information. In the email please include information about dealer's name, address, phone, fax, etc.

Method 2: Check the laser engrave on the dongle.

The original ColorPRINT adopts the black dongle, which is composed of the main body and the cap (see the image above). The dongle has a black cover with an oval label printed with label number (see note 1).Under the label, you’ll find the label number is engraved on the cover by laser (see note 2). Word Amica is also engraved on the top of the main body by laser (see note3). 

Method 3: Check the installation CD

The original ColorPRINT uses exclusive CD (see the image below). While pirate software uses blank CD bought from the market, without the logo of ColorPRINT and the dragon shaped logo of the company.

 Validation of the Software

It is recommended to verify if the ColorPRINT you bought is original or not by sending email to checkkeych@amica.com.cn. Please include the following information in the email:

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