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Digital workflow brings great impact and reform to traditional photography industry. For photography studios, the digital workflow, input, processing and output of digital image, greatly cuts work period and cost and realizes the color control aim of reproducing the exact images shot or scanned.

With abundant of color management workflows, multiple dot diffusion methods, flexible and easy to use function of nesting, ColorPRINT will be the guarantee for photography studios to output the best quality photos with lowest cost. 

Suitable for Photo Studios of Different Scales
ColorPRINT has different versions for different scales of photo studios. ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0 that can drive one printer is suitable for small scaled studios or users lately entered into this Industry; ColorPRINT PS 2.0 that can drive two printers (with different ports) at the same time is suitable for medium scaled studios; while ColorPRINT Server 2.0 is the best choice for users with great business or of large scale, since it is able to drive four printers at a time, which satisfies your requirements of large scaled productions.

Print a Job in Three Steps: Add job → “Direct Print” → Print
When adding a job, select the job you want to print and choose the setup (groups of properties) you wish to apply, and press the button “Direct Print”. Check all the properties in the popped up dialogue “Job Properties”, and press “Print” in the downside of the dialogue. The job is completed with the shortest time and least steps.

Multiple Printing Modes to Enhance Production Efficiency

Different types of photos always needs different printing properties to print, including media type, media size, ink type, resolution, printing environment, etc. Users can preset and save the commonly used setup properties, and define them with suitable and memorable names, such as “1-inch”, “7-inch”, “Scenic”, and “Portrait”. When outputting jobs with the same printing properties, users can directly adopt the preset Setup Properties. Without making any change for the setup, operation is simplified from adding job to printing, and production efficiency is enhanced accordingly.

Multiple Small Images Joined together to Print

With the printer provided Windows driver, lots of media would be wasted when printing multiple small images on large format media. The nesting function of ColorPRINT helps you to save media by optimizing the position of multiple images just by pressing a button. Media can be saved more after manually adjusting the layout. Compared with other software of the same kind, ColorPRINT provides you with the intuitive, accurate and real-time preview of nesting result that helps to save both time and media easily.

Small Marks Enhance Production Efficiency

Small but useful icons further enhance your work efficiency: crop marks, margin marks and boarder margin marks help you with mounting and print notes provide you with necessary information so as to manage the printed jobs.

Photos of Small Size Perfectly Output in Large Format

ColorPRINT provides with multiple ways of resample image to supplement image information through different algorithms; so that small sized photos can also be output perfectly as large formats and definition of images are enhanced.

More Colorful and Refined Output
After extremely complicated arithmetic, advanced error diffusion effectively arranges dots’ disposition and ink limits for each Pass, especially when printing photos, which will have more details and clearer layers. In light color areas, skin as an example, contacts between dots are avoided, so output can be quite exquisite, tender and appealing; when printing high precision images, they can be more colorful as the saturation is highly raised; image details are presented more vividly, since it is output with the most proper ink limit and dots accumulation is avoided.

Print with Black Ink only

If you check “Apply Grayscale Intent to Gray Object” when printing black-and-white photograph, you can get pure black image without dots of other colors. And at the same time it enhances production efficiency and saves cost as total ink limit is cut and image drying time is limited.

Print with Variable Dots

Regular RIP software with 1bit halftone technology can only send printhead command to fire or not. ColorPRINT that adopts 2bit halftone technology provides you with four options: large dot, medium dot, small dot and not fire, and makes full use of the advantage of printheads with variable dots rather than leaving it as a selling point; so that dots disposition is optimized. Especially for light areas like skin, printing with small dots, even in a high speed, color transition will still be smooth, without grainy effect.

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