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ColorPRINT RIP has always been the best choice for printing large format ads. It helps to efficiently accomplish tasks of high quality with its outstanding color management techniques, practical production tools, multiple cost control means, good output quality beyond compare and simplified workflow.

Suitable for Output Centers of Different Scales
ColorPRINT provides different version for output center of different scales and requirements. Tiff 2.0 will be your preference if all the jobs you deal with are bitmap files like Tiff and JPEG; PS 2.0 will be suitable if your customers have high requests and want the output to have sharp and smooth edges, or you want to drive two printers at the same time (with different ports); but if you are large scaled with great output, ColorPRINT Server 2.0 will be your best choice as it can drive four printers at the same time (with different ports).

Print a Job in Three Steps: Add job → “Direct Print” → Print

When adding a job, select the job you want to print and choose the setup (groups of properties) you wish to apply, and press the button “Direct Print”. Check all the properties in the popped up dialogue “Job Properties”, and press “Print” in the downside of the dialogue. The print assignment is completed in the shortest time and least steps.

Multiple Printing Modes to Enhance Production Efficiency

Different types of tasks or jobs, like vinyl, ads at bus station, posters at subway and large format ads in light boxes, always have different printing properties, including media type, media size, ink type, resolution, printing environment, etc. Users can preset and save the commonly used setup properties, and define them with suitable and memorable names like “Vinyl”, “Shop Window”, and “Light Box”. When outputting jobs with the same printing properties, users can directly adopt the preset Setup Properties. Without making any change for the setup, operation is simplified from adding job to printing, and production efficiency is enhanced accordingly.

Amazing Process Speed

Brand new arithmetic with extremely fast speed is the essence of ColorPRINT RIP. Especially when dealing with bitmap files like Tiff and JPEG, the speed is much faster than other RIP software. The characteristic of RIPping and printing simultaneously greatly shortens time consumption of a task. And during RIPping, temporary files can be deleted as you wish to release space and raise speed.

Real Time and Intuitive Job Preview
Jobs, their positions on the media and all the operations did to them are displayed in the preview window to show the practical effect before they are being printed. Previews include the job, effects of nesting, tiling, color correction, copies, rotate, mirror, zoom in and zoom out, etc.

Division of Extra-wide Image and Seamless Tiling

The powerful functions of tiling help you complete your print task when the image width is wider than media. ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0 offers two modes of tiling: automatic and manual; that means users can divide jobs into tiles with equal width and height or adjust their sizes according to practical needs manually. When there are flaws in the image, you only need to reprint the tiles instead of the whole image. Options like printing sew line and sew line settings assist users with patch work.

Easier Tiling with Tiles Map (ColorPRINT Server 2.0 Only)

Do you always find it difficult to start with printed tiles of an oversized image? Does it take some time for you to reorganize the tiles like doing puzzles? ColorPRINT Server 2.0 solves the problems for you with a tiling map, which is created automatically and can be printed. It intuitively directs you to put the tiles back together into a complete image.

Multiple Small Images Joined together to Print 

With the printer provided Windows driver, lots of media would be wasted when printing multiple small images on large format media. The nesting function of ColorPRINT helps you to save media by optimizing the position of multiple images just by pressing a button. Media can be saved more after manually adjusting the layout. Compared with other software of the same kind, ColorPRINT provides you with the intuitive, accurate and real-time preview of nesting that helps to save both time and media.

Flexible Tools 

Functions like tiling, rotate, mirror, zoom and copy are specifically designed for large format printing. Before output, users do not need to modify jobs in design application but to directly deal with them with ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0 tools.

Small Icons, Significant Functions

Small but useful icons further enhance your work efficiency: crop marks, margin marks and boarder margin marks help you with mounting and print notes provide you with necessary information so as to manage the printed jobs.

Pure Color 

ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0 predefines special color libraries, including colors like pure yellow, pure red and pure green. Users can add customized pure colors to those libraries to achieve pure result without mingling with dots of other colors.

Multiple Color Management Methods 

Multiple color management methods, from simple to professional, satisfy all kinds of customers’ requirements and fully bring printers’ performance into action. Ink density correction workflow is especially suitable for outdoor labels, banners and posters as it helps to get brighter colors. ICC based color correction workflow is for creating ICC profiles that meet international standards according to different factor combinations of printers, inks and media. Farewell to the era of manual operation that depends on experience and image color adjustment according to your own eyes. Now you are able to easily get the image output with best quality, accurate and consistent colors, and reproduce the vividness.

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