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ColorPRINT PS 2.0 supports more file formats to broaden your business; supports multiple color management methods and perfectly reproduces color; introduces industrial press standards to large-format printing and allows printing quality to reach professional press standards. Furthermore, ColorPRINT PS 2.0 provides you with an outstanding reputation for stability, and enables you to sustain profits!

ColorPRINT PS 2.0 is suitable for medium scaled output centers that have high demand for print quality, like wedding photo centers, photo studios, advertising agencies and design centers.

ColorPRINT PS 2.0 has more powerful functions in addition to all the advantages and functions of ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0.

Support More Types of Files
Besides Bitmap files like Tiff and JPEG, ColorPRINT PS 2.0 also supports PostScript files like EPS, PS, PDF 1.3 and PDF1.4.

Direct Print from Applications
Compatible with PostScript language, ColorPRINT PS 2.0 can be applied easily with popular image processing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, and QuarkXPressTM. Jobs on local PCs can be printed directly from applications and jobs on client PCs in LAN can be printed from Windows and Mac applications.

Save RIPped Data that can be output multiple times as required.

In ColorPRINT PS 2.0, a RIPped job can be saved into a .PRT file which will not need to be RIPped again before being sent to a printer of the same model. The .PRT file can be directly sent to ports to print so as to save time.

Share Printer in LAN

For printers without network interfaces, ColorPRINT PS 2.0 allows them to be shared in LAN following two ways:

Small Icons, Significant Functions

Small but useful icons further enhance your work efficiency: crop marks, margin marks and boarder margin marks help you with mounting and print notes provide you with the necessary information so as to manage the printed jobs.

Steady and Reliable Process of Oversized Files
Other RIP software will fail to process when dealing with oversized files. ColorPRINT PS 2.0 automatically identifies oversized files and makes intellectual divisions to avoid failure. This significantly raises running reliability and allows print tasks to be finished on time.

More Colorful and Refined Output

With extremely complicated arithmetic, advanced error diffusion effectively arranges dot position and ink limits for each pass. This is especially necessary when printing photos, which will have more details and clearer layers. In the light color area, contacts between dots are avoided. So when printing light colors like skin, the output can be quite exquisite and appealing. High precision images can be more colorful as the saturation is highly raised. Image details are presented more vividly since it is output with the most proper ink limit and dot accumulation is avoided.

Print with Black Ink only
If you print black with pure black ink only when the rendering intent is Saturation or select Grayscale, you can get a pure black image without dots of other colors. At the same time, it enhances production efficiency and saves cost as total ink limit is cut and image drying time is limited.
 Spot Ink

Software designers tend to define identifying colors, like those of packaging logos and signs, as spot colors, and they set special color channels for them. These identifying colors are printed with special designated ink to ensure colors remain consistent for each print and customers may easily identify the brand and have a deeper impression. ColorPRINT PS 2.0 supports spot colors in output files and assigns each spot color a CMYK value to represent them during printing.

Enhanced Gradation Smoothness

If the option Enhanced Gradation Smoothness is selected, you’ll be shocked to find ColorPRINT PS 2.0’s outstanding ability of representing gradation. It is quite exquisite and smooth without any leap, especially in the light color area. This separates ColorPRINT PS 2.0 apart from other RIP software.



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