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        Shanghai Int'l Ad. Print, Pack, Paper ExpoJuly 2-5, 2008
The 16th Shanghai International Print, Pack and Paper Expo was held ceremoniously in Shanghai New International Expo Center during June 2nd – 5th, 2008. The Expo, covered 11 exhibition halls of the center that was150 thousand square meters, a new record of exhibition record, is one of the global advertising trade platforms of the largest scale, highest rank, most professional, most extensively covered and with the widest influence. It not only attracted domestic attentions, also brought customers from Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. After 15 years’ development, the Expo has already been the best reputed in China advertising industry and one of the largest scaled professional trade show of advertising and sign industry. 

This year, Amica presented the grant event as an individual exhibitor and exhibited the products developed by ourselves in our own booth. 

Position: Booth 081 of W2, at the entrance
Space: 16 units of booth, 144 square meters in total
Products Exhibited: 
  • Large Format InkJet Printer with NuviJET
  • UV Printer with NuviJET system
  • ColorPRINT RIP Software
The only complete solution supplier that owns the whole independent intellectual property rights:

Amica were the only complete solution supplier that owns the whole independent intellectual property rights, from RIP software, color management system, printer control system, to hardware control system. We can proudly announce that all the key techniques are innovatively researched and developed by our staff. We not only exhibited our products, but also the comprehensive technique with international excellence.
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