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ColorPRINT is the latest generation of digital color output software. It uses the latest development tools and most advanced language. It's also extremely easy to operate, because it is so refined and compact, facilitating easy file transport to a multitude of output devices.

ColorPRINT will significantly save you time and money. And best of all, its modular design allows it to grow with you. It's less expensive, more powerful and more reliable. And it comes with the best warranty in the industry!

ColorPRINT PS 2.0  More... >>>

ColorPRINT PS 2.0 supports more file formats to broaden your business; it supports multiple color management methods and perfectly reproduces color; it introduces the industrial press standard to large-format printing and let printing quality reach the professional press criteria. It will bring you an outstanding reputation for stability and enable you to sustain profits!

It is suitable for medium scaled output centers that have high demand for print quality, like wedding photo centers, photo studios, advertising agencies and design centers.

ColorPRINT Server 2.0  More... >>>

ColorPRINT Server 2.0, best choice for large-scaled producers, can drive four printers at the same time. It supports DCS separation files, simulates dot gain, creates ICC profiles with international standards, has professional color management that is applicable to digital proofing and optimized workflow to enhance print efficiency.

It is suitable for large-scaled output centers, wedding photo centers, photo studios, design centers, publication companies, printing houses, etc.

In addition to all the functions and advantages of ColorPRINT Tiff 2.0 and ColorPRINT PS 2.0, it has more functions for digital proofing.

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