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Digital proof is widely used for its advantages like low cost, automation, accurate color reproduction, stability and consistency, fast output, and easy-to- use. ColorPRINT Server 2.0 offers a functional module used for digital proofing that combines the most advanced color management technique and the best image output workflow. It has abilities of fast processing speed, user-friendly UI and easy-to-use.
Usually, a printed proof can be printed on an inkjet printer, which is less expensive than on the printing press (Wet Proof - traditional proof method). Commonly a digital proof will be used to check text and alignment. ColorPRINT Server 2.0 also can provide accurate color reproduction so that the printed proof printed by ColorPRINT Server 2.0 can be the best way to check how image and colors will come out for press printing.

Support Separation Files of DCS 2.0
DCS (Desktop Color Separations) format is a version of EPS that can save separations of CMYK and multichannel files. DCS 2.0 format retains spot color channels in the image. The color channels of spot color and CMYK can be saved as multiple files (as for DCS1.0) or as a single file. The single-file option saves disk space. It can also include a grayscale or color composite. ColorPRINT Server 2.0 supports DCS 2.0 format and interprets accurately the single file and multichannel files.

Preset Printing Properties
Usually, printing different types of jobs need to setup different printing parameter combinations, including media type, media size, ink and resolution, etc. You can preset and save the commonly used setups defined with suitable names. When outputting jobs with the same printing properties, you can directly choose the preset Setup Properties.

Support Spot Color Library

Designers usually define a specific color as a spot color for the design of packages and logos. Inkjet printers usually reproduce these spot colors with the process colors of CMYK. It is a great challenge for digital proofing to precisely reproduce the spot colors. 

ColorPRINT Server 2.0 applies Spot Color Library defined in CMYK and CMYKOrGr value. Considering different combination of inks and media, you may print a color book and select the name or serial number of the correct color, then assign it to the output profile. But you can easily obtain the spot color without printing the color book if its Lab value, which is irrelevant with equipments, is available.

ICC Color Management

There are four dithering types and four rendering intents. If the color of media used for inkjet printer is whiter than the color of media used for press machine, customers can apply the rendering intent of absolute colorimetric. And black fonts can be printed with black ink only.

Reset Linearization to Simplify Daily Maintenance
In order to solve the problem of color inaccuracy caused by physical variation of printheads, ColorPRINT creates a test chart according to printer characteristics. Customers input measured data into the original ICC profile to create a new profile that is suitable for printer status right now. Measured data can be saved for future check. And the simple operation procedure is suitable for operators without much color management experience and for their daily maintenance.

Angle Screen Printing

Users are able to define screen frequency, angles and dot shapes for each color channel.

Print Separation Films

When processing CMYK images, films for each color channel are printed individually.

Print Color Control Bar

Print a color bar beside jobs as a reference of color effect.

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