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1.Select Print Only   2.Reload after lamination   3.Select Cut Only, ColorPRINT
drives Printer/Cutter to contour cut.

With the function of contour cut, jobs like shop window ads, decals, labels, presentation images at retailers and design prototypes of packages are able to be made quickly. 

ColorPRINT supports printer/cutters to print and cut, such as the ones of Roland CAMMJET PRO II series. 

To apply contour cut, you only need to define the contour lines as CutContour and set its color mode as Spot Color in design applications. And just like printing normal jobs, send the job to ColorPRINT directly from the application. ColorPRINT monitors cutting procedure. 

ColorPRINT provides with two different workflows to achieve the task of printing and cutting: print then cut job workflow and cut only job workflow. 

If the job does not need lamination before cut, please select Print then Cut, which means ColorPRINT drives printer/cutter to directly conduct contour cut once the job is printed and there’s no need to reload or relocation. If the job has to be laminated, please select Print Only, and select Cut Only when the job is printed and reloaded to printer after lamination; ColorPRINT drives printer/cutter to conduct contour cut. And in ColorPRINT, you can set the offset, speed and pressure of knife.

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