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Amica China (Beijing Yameike Co., Ltd.) is a leading hi-tech company focusing on the development of large-format output and color management software. We are constantly improving our latest generation of RIP and color management software - ColorPRINT.

Over two decades ago, the founders of Amica China established Amiable Technologies in the United States.  Their professional cutting and RIP software company created high-class software products that supported over ten languages and were sold all over the world. Amiable became strategic OEM partners with the worldwide famous inkjet printer manufactures HP and Roland. They eventually decided to bring their experience in large-format inkjet printing and their deep understanding of the global market to China.


In pursuit of introducing the latest concepts, applications, and technologies to China, the founders established a new professional RIP software company in Beijing, China - Amica China Co., Ltd. Their hope: to sell first-class RIP software made in China all over the world.

We at Amica are seeking business partners who share our ideas and ambitions.  Making full use of our experience cooperating with global manufacturers, we hope to drive the development of large-format printing in China. Through our collective efforts, we can bring large-format printing products into more application markets and lead large-format inkjet printing into a new stage of development.

With top-ranking products and excellent service for our customers, Amica has made ColorPRINT into world-class RIP software. We believe that ColorPRINT will be the favorite and most respected RIP software in China.

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